We thrive on the keeping our customers happy and satisfied with our services and repairs.

We offer a professional, efficient and reliable service and repairs here at Trophy Cars. We as a team have many years of experience in dealing with a varied amount of services and repairs, these years of experience allows us to complete the job in a profession, efficient and reliable manor.

To find out how we can help you, give us a ring on 01572 767777 or drop us an email at info@trophycars.co.uk


Interim Service £75.00

Annual Service £115.00

Annual Service + Platinum Plugs £150.00

Suspension Pump (1995-2002) £30.00

Cambelt & Water Pump £225.00

Toyo Proxys 195/40/16 £57.75

Toyo Proxys 215/45/16 £59.95

Toyo Proxys 185/50/15 £55.00

Toyo Proxys 205/50/15 £55.00

Underbody Waxoil £60.00

Weatherproof Hood £75.00


Headgasket/Belt & Pump £645.00

Water Pump £85.00

Front Wheel Bearing £85.00

Rear Wheel Bearing £75.00

Upper Ball Joint (Front) £56.00

Lower Ball Joint (Front) £79.00

Front Discs (Standard) & Pads £125.00

Front Discs (AP Calipers) & Pads £162.00

Front Pads (Standard) £58.00

Front Pads (AP Calipers) £97.00

Rear Pads £65.00

Front Pipe £125.00

Stainless Steel Cooling Pipes £135.00

Front Lower Suspension Arms £125.00

Front Sub-Frame Mountings £75.00

Rear Sub-Frame Mountings £99.00